Hostel events take place right across the country throughout the year and can range from large party-style events around Christmas and New Year, where over 100 people attend, to smaller, more intimate weekends of 20 people or less. Hostels are generally relaxed, but organised weekends away and can include a whole range of activities from hiking and climbing, through to watersports and mountain biking. As well as the activities, hostel weekends usually include some form of evening activity as well as food provided and prepared by the Event Leader.

Once you are an approved Hostel Leader you will be able to successfully run a weekend event incorporating at least one daytime activity such as hiking or climbing. You don't necessarily need to lead that activity yourself but you will be the person responsible for ensuring it takes place and has an appropriate Event Leader arranged to run it in advance of the weekend.

You will liaise with the hostel owners both before and during the event. You will be able to arrive in good time to meet the warden and ensure you have a good understanding of the layout of the site in advance of members arriving. You will meet and greet members on arrival and get them settled into the site, as well as running an informal welcome meeting on the Friday evening.

You will be able to plan, purchase and prepare 2 breakfasts and 1 three course meal during the event.

You will be the kind of person who is both likeable, but respected. You'll lead by example and not be afraid to stand up and speak in front of other Members. You will be passionate about your weekend events and help to ensure that they sell well amongst members and don't become a financial risk to OutdoorLads.

You will have a full understanding of general hostel ettiquete as well as health and safety issues related specifically to hostels including what to do in the event of a fire. You will be first aid trained and have a level 2 certificate in food safety (we can provide both of these for you).

You will need to be an Event Leader in at least one other discipline (for example a Hill Leader) before applying to become a Hostel Leader, and ideally should have been on a minimum of 5 OutdoorLads hostel events.

Event Leader Type Description
Hostel Events Hostel activities. You must attend 5 more events before you can apply.