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Great! You've found us! The UK's most social group for gay and bisexual men who love the great outdoors.

We organise hiking, camping, climbing, hostelling, biking, canoeing, sailing and skiing events - as well as one-off international trips and more hard-core 'challenge' events.

It doesn't matter whether you are a total beginner or a well-hardened outdoor enthusiast - we have something for everyone, every week, all over the UK. And what-ever the event, you will find a group of friendly, welcoming guys with a shared love of the outdoors.

To view the full range of events, create your profile and book on your first event just register here. You only have to pay a membership fee once you have been to your first two events, so think of it as an open invitation to 'test drive' the group to see if it suits you!

OutdoorLads provides outdoor pursuits mostly for gay and bi-sexual lads, but the group does not discriminate on any grounds including age, sexuality or disability. We welcome anyone who agrees with the group's aims and objectives.

OutdoorLads is a not-for-profit organisation and the cost of membership is put into the group for the benefit of its members.


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