Leeds Social (39314)

Event Overview

This is an informal social meet-up for OutdoorLads members and those interested in joining. We will meet at a gay-friendly pub near to the gay-scene, but people are welcome to go out later if they wish.

Social events are a great way to forge new friendships and talk about your experiences on OutdoorLads events.  New members are particularly welcome - you will find our members and leaders to be very friendly and keen to tell you all about the great events we take part in. Socials are also a great way to find out what is going on in the group in the coming months.

Meeting & Times

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Can I bring a friend?

Yes of course, especially those who might be interested in what we do. We are meeting in a public venue and it would be great to introduce others to OutdoorLads.

How will I find the group?

Look out for the leader who will have either an Outdoorlads T shirt, or a sign with our logo. A quick scan of the bar will find us.

If it is your first time why not message the leader beforehand and make arrangements to look out for each other.

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