Other events covers any event, such as skiing evenings, paintballing days, Go-Ape days, horse riding or anything else not explained in a previous section. These events are generally led by another organisation with the OutdoorLads Event Leader taking a liaison role between the two groups. They can take place as stand-alone day events, evening events or form part of weekend events such as hostels or camps.

You will be able to successfully run any event for up to 20 people where instruction or the risk is carried out by a third party. You will be the person who liaises between the organisation providing the event and OutdoorLads. You will be able to build up a good relationship with others and be a great ambassador of OutdoorLads. You will meet members on the day and take the group register before joining in the event yourself. You should carry a first aid kit and ideally know how to use it.

If you wish to lead these kind of events you should apply to be a Misc Leader. State on your application the kinds of activities that you are interested in leading.

After applying and going through any necessary training, you will need to agree a suitable date for your practical assessment with your Regional Coordinator. You will then need to show that you have the necessary skills to be a good Event Leader, dealing with both the other organisation involved in the event as well as any issues members may have during the course of the event.

You will also need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before gaining access to sensitive data including next-of-kin information.

Event Leader Type Description
Misc / Socials Any other event not listed. You must attend 5 more events before you can apply.