Become a Leader

Every OutdoorLads event is run by our fantastic volunteer leaders and without them we wouldn't be able to change lives in the way we do. With hundreds of events right across the country and throughout the year, we're always looking for Members to become Event Leaders. It's not as difficult or as scary as you might think! Click on the activity areas below to find out more. You can also view the OutdoorLads Leaders Handbook which has more useful information about becoming an Event Leader. 

You can also become a Caving Leader or a Watersports Leader or if there's another way you think you can help OutdoorLads, please let us know.

What happens next?

The process to become an OutdoorLads Event Leader is quite simple. The application and assessment procedure is designed to ensure that all OutdoorLads events are led to the same high standard across the country; be they in Cornwall or the Highlands.

  1. ONLINE APPLICATION Your path to becoming an Event Leader starts with an online application form. Simply click an activity area above and provide a few details about the types of events you'd like to lead, your experience, any existing qualifications you may already have and any other relevant information to support your application. Once you have submitted the form you will be contacted by a local activity Organiser or your Regional Coordinator who will work with you to arrange a practical assessment.

  2. TRAINING EVENT Leading up to your assessment you maybe asked to shadow an experienced leader who will explain what you need to do and how to pass your assessment. You will be able to discuss the areas you are uncertain about and make a plan to get any extra skills or experience. 

  3. PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT Your activity Organiser, Regional Coordinator or an experienced leader will conduct your assessment. They will set a date and a time to assess you; normally on a upcoming Event. The practical assessment will look at your ability to plan and submit a well thought-out event, lead a group of Members, your skills at doing the particular activity you have applied for, your ability to deal with problems, your knowledge of OutdoorLads generally, how you deal with third parties as well as your conduct when on the event.

  4. ASSIGNMENT If all goes well on your assessment, Outdoorlads HQ will update their records and assign you as an Event Leader. You might need to co-lead some more events in which case the office or your Regional Coordinator will be in touch. If you are applying to be a Hostel Leader you will need to do a further online food hygiene course.

Why become an OutdoorLads Event Leader?

Apart from the obvious satisfaction of giving something back to OutdoorLads, when you become an Event Leader you'll also get:

  • A black Event Leader T-shirt so you can look the part
  • An OutdoorLads flag for those great photo opportunities
  • Extra discounts specially for our volunteers including a whopping 20% off at Cotswold Outdoors
  • Leader rewards for every event you lead which you can turn into OutdoorLads vouchers to use against a future paid event
  • Training opportunities including funding for NGB awards, first aid and food hygiene training
  • Access to Leaders news and other resources through the Leader's Menu