Regional Volunteers List

The volunteering structure is intended to facilitate clear lines of communication and support to enable leaders to organise more and better events, and to deepen and grow OutdoorLads' Membership:

  • Each regional team is supported by Coordinator(s) who are first point of contact between organisers/their Leaders, Members, the office and the board. The role largely facilitates shared planning and communication between:
  • Regional activity Organisers deliver coherent programs of local events throughout the year, by supporting their Leaders/teams. Where there is no specified volunteer Organiser, this is done by the Coordinator.
  • Leaders are the ‘army of volunteers’ who deliver OutdoorLads events across the UK.
  • Local Organisers are effectively ‘superleaders’ who volunteer to broaden OutdoorLads' activities and membership engagement in areas where regional teams need additional capacity.

(please note there are two different types of email address in use - are Office365 accounts typically reserved for Trustees and Coordinators and addresses used by Organisers)


Coordinator - Alan Dunn (AMD)


Regional Coordinator - Byran Cosgrove (ex_cowboy)

North West & North Wales Walks Organiser - Andrew Renshaw (AndyRoo)

North East Walks Organiser- Steven Henderson (steladteesside)

Climbing Organiser (National) - John Proctor (MurSamir)

Cycling Organiser - Pete Keeling (Peter08)

Climbing Organiser (Manchester) - Simon Dennis (Sieh)



Socials Organiser (North) - Will Vaughan (ChesterWill)



Regional Coordinator - Mark House (markhouse)

Cycling Organiser - Pete Keeling (Peter08)





South West/South Wales

Regional Coordinator - Paul Ridealgh (paulwyedale)

Walks Organiser - Mark Phifer (ca5per)

Walks Organiser - Mike Walker (MEW)

Climbing Organiser - Paul Ridealgh (paulwyedale)

Climbing Organiser - Darren Ventham (Naughtycat)

Cycling Organiser - Andy Clarke (Andy001)

South East

Regional Coordinator - Andre Gardiner (Andre_G)

Hostels Organiser - Simon Hawthorn (SimonH)


Camps Organiser - Chris Wilderspin (chrisw66)

Walks Organiser (Wessex) - Gavin Blackman (GavinB73)

Walks Organiser (London, Herts, Surrey and Middlesex) -
Chris Chipchase (chippers)

Walks Organiser (East Anglia) - Neil Sharp (Sharpie)

Walks Organiser (NW Home Counties) - 
Simon Hawthorn (SimonH)

Walks Organiser (Kent and Sussex) - 
Owen Clutton (Owen Sussex)

Climbing Organiser - Wilco Stekkinger (wonderwilcs)

Cycling Organiser - Fergus Brunning (FergusB1)

Socials Organiser - Simon Cross (BawdyMonkey)