Hints and Tips

OutdoorLads organises over 1000 events each year and it can sometimes be a bit daunting knowing where to start; particularly with such a wide range of activities and new events being added daily. If you're new to the group or just looking for some help getting going, we've provided some useful hints and tips for you.

How to find an event near you

There are a number of ways to find OutdoorLads events in your area. The quickest and easiest way is to search by postcode. Simply enter it into the box on our home page and we'll show you a list of events within a 20 mile radius of your home address. If you want to search a bit further afield you can adjust the 'Distance from' on the results page.

Useful tip: You can 'bookmark' or 'favourite' the results page so you'll always have instant access to events near you!

We also have a zoomable Event Map of the entire UK that shows you exactly where each event is taking place. To view this choose 'Event Map' from the 'Events' menu above or click here!

You can also search by region. Each OutdoorLads event is located in one of five regions of England (South East, South West, Central, North East and North West), two Welsh regions (North and South) and other regions for Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Europe and the Rest of the World.

On the events page simply tick the region you would like to search for events in and click 'Submit'.

How to find a particular activity

If you're looking for something in particular then you can search by event type. So if you've always wanted to try Archery or give Watersports a go, simply tick the event type you're interested in.

How to find an event on your free weekend

If you've got a hectic social/work life and only have that one weekend free a month, then have a look at our Event Calendar which lists all our current events month by month. Choose 'Event Calendar' from the Events menu or click here!

How to find an overnight event

If you're looking for one of our hugely popular hostel or camping weekends, you can search for these by ticking the 'Camping Weekends' and/or 'Hostel Weekends' filters on any event page.

Featured Events

Our Featured Events are specially selected events that we think you may be interested in. We regularly showcase a mix of day and weekend events around the country. To view these simply choose 'Featured Events' from the Events menu above or click here!


Useful tip: Event listings are automatically sorted by when they were added to our database. You can change this to sort by date, title or distance from your home address.

What to do if an event you're interested in is already full

Don't worry! We're a very popular group and events can fill up quickly so that's why we have our waiting list feature. As the actual event date draws near people's plans often change and it's very common for places to become free again. The waiting list feature works on a first come - first served basis so get yourself signed up ASAP and then if someone drops out you'll move up the list and eventually (hopefully!) on to the event list itself.

Of course, we ask that you only sign up to events that you're genuinely planning on attending and that if your plans changes, you cancel your attendance as soon as possible.

Still need help?

Please get in touch! We're a friendly bunch and will likely have heard your question before so don't be afraid. Choose 'Contact Us' from the 'About Us' menu above or click here!