Camping events take place largely in the summer but we do have camps during the winter months as well for the hardier members! Camps can range from our huge BIG Events where 250-450 people are camping to smaller, more intimate camps of ten people. Camps are generally relaxed weekends away and can include a whole range of activities from hiking and climbing through to canyoning and via ferrata. We also have camping barn events which are a sort of half-way house between camping and hostel events. Members generally need to bring a sleeping bag on these weekends and will do all their own cooking usually in a rudimentary kitchen or on their own camping stoves. These events take place in basic indoor accommodation.

You will be able to successfully run a camping (or camping barn) weekend incorporating at least one daytime activity such as hiking or climbing. You don't necessarily need to lead that activity yourself but you will be the person responsible for ensuring it takes place and has an appropriate Event Leader in place in advance of the camping weekend. You will liaise with the campsite/barn owners both before and during the event. You will be able to arrive in good time to meet the site warden and ensure you have a good understanding of the layout of the site in advance of members arriving. You will meet and greet members on arrival and get them settled into the site as well as running an informal welcome meeting. You will have a full understanding of general campsite ettiquete as well as health and safety issues related specifically to camping. You will need to be an Event Leader in at least one other discipline (for example a Hill leader) before applying to become a camping leader and ideally should have been on a minimum of five OutdoorLads camping events although we can make exceptions for exceptional campers! Please note that camping events do not include wild camping which can only be led by a Mountain Leader.


After applying and going through any necessary training you will need to agree a suitable date for your practical assessment with your local Camping Organised or your Regional Coordinator. You will then need to show that you have the necessary skills to be a good camping leader, including planning an interesting event and dealing with any issues members may have during the course of the weekend. You will also need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before gaining access to sensitive data including next-of-kin information.

Event Leader Type Description
Camping Events (inc. Barn/huts) Camping events including barns and huts. You must attend 5 more events before you can apply.