About Us

Every weekend OutdoorLads runs a range of sociable outdoor activities for gay and bisexual men right across the UK - things like hiking, climbing, camping, biking, canoeing, sailing and skiing. The group is a charity run by its Members for its Members so while everything is done to the highest professional standards prices are kept low. All over the country people of different ages and backgrounds are joining OutdoorLads and today the group has over 25,000 registered users and is growing at its fastest rate in its history.

One thing that characterises every OutdoorLads event is the friendly and welcoming nature of the guys you meet. Everyone 'mucks in' to make sure everyone has a good time and events run smoothly to help those 'first event jitters' quickly disappear.

Whether you have loads of experience, want to try something new, get fit or just want to 'get out more', sign up for your first OutdoorLads event. You’ll have a great time with friendly guys who all have a shared love of the outdoors.

So where do you start? It's absolutely free to join OutdoorLads - simply click here to register then search for your nearest event from the 'Events' menu.

OutdoorLads Values:

  • Friendly and Welcoming - Whatever the event, and wherever it is, you will always find our guys to be friendly and welcoming. Come with a mate, or on your own, you will quickly be welcomed into the group and make friends easily.
  • Fun - Everyone mucks in and has a laugh on our events. We might be walking in the rain, or camping in the cold, but there is always loads of fun and laughter on our events.
  • Adventurous - Whether you are an expert or a novice you can find you own level of 'adventure' with OutdoorLads. You might be surprised by what you achieve.
  • Professional - Our event leaders deliver consistently great events. You can be sure of good food, a friendly atmosphere, experience leading groups in the mountain - or whatever skills the event requires.